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Behaviour in the Dinner Hall

Here at St Mary's, kitchen staff from Shropshire Council make hot school dinners from scratch every day. Click this link "From Peel to Meal" to see for yourself. We always have a variety of fresh vegetables and tasty meals available for children and staff to eat. A main meal, salad and a pudding costs £2.30 per child. There is a vegetarian option available too, as well as freshly prepared salad for children to help themselves to.

Note to parents: Please keep us informed about any food allergies or special dietary requirements your child might have. Upon admission to St Mary's there is a form inside your Admissions Pack that you must fill in that alerts us to anything we need to inform the kitchen about. We then create a list with this information and a picture of your child so that we never feed them anything that could harm them. We rely on the information you provide to do this effectively. Sometimes children grow out of food allergies or even sometimes suddenly develop new ones, so if this happens please let us know either by letter or text. Please note that without this update we will refuse to serve your child any food you have told us they are allergic to. 

Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team of ladies who work in the kitchen. The kitchen is an extremely busy place to be especially during the lunch hour when all those hungry children queue up wanting to be fed. It doesn't start or end there though. Hours before you get to dig into piles of steaming vegetables with truly scrumptious home-made quiche and a delicious sticky syrup pudding to name but two examples of the sorts of food you'll get to eat, Sharon and her team are busy peeling, chopping, dicing, mixing, whipping, baking, steaming, cooking and every other kitchen verb you can think of. Then after the lunch hour there are piles of dishes to be washed, trays and cutlery to be scraped and cleaned, tables to be wiped, the floor to be swept all while you are tucked back behind your desks learning with a full tummy and refreshed mind. These are the ladies we all need to thank for that: 

  • Sharon Lakin is the Cook in Charge and the Kitchen Manager
  • Stephanie Leadbetter is a Kitchen Assistant
  • Alison Breeze is also a Kitchen Assistant
  • Mel Drakeley is also a Kitchen Assistant

When you see the ladies serving you your food remember your manners and always say please and thank you. We are very lucky to have healthy, delicious meals, terrific dinner ladies to help you and a large hall with shiny red tables and benches to eat our dinner off.

Lunchtime Supervisors Keep You Safe

We also have a wonderful team of Lunchtime Supervisors who come to school for the dinner hour to help keep you safe and happy. They are like teachers when they are here, which means they are in charge of you and when they ask you to do something you should do it and not be rude. If you are found to be rude Mrs Skidmore and Mr Mahy will hear about it and will deal with your behaviour accordingly.

Our lunchtime supervisors are as follows:

  • Mrs Sylvia Davies
  • Mrs Annette Ashwell
  • Mrs Bethan Grenfell
  • Ms Lucy Udall
  • Mrs Louise O'Halloran
  • Mrs Vicky Evans
  • Mrs Karen Gillet

It's important to treat people well and to look after our things so here are the Rules of the Dinner Hall.

  1. Always be polite to each other and to all adults.
  2. Walk and don't run down the corridor to get to the dinner hall.
  3. Line up quietly in the food queue and wait for your turn to be served.
  4. Remember to get everything you need: one tray, a knife, fork and spoon - sometimes spoons are only available from the counter so please ask for one if you need it.
  5. Don't just point to the food you want, use your manners and ask nicely remembering to say "please" and "thank you".
  6. Try eating a different vegetable with your main meal, you may discover you love it! Try to remember what you chose on sQuid that morning but its alright if you forget because we have your choice logged and ready.
  7. Keep the noise level down - it's lovely to chat to your friends when eating but use your classroom voices and not your playground ones.
  8. If you drop your food on the floor please pick it up and put it in the bin - alert the lunchtime staff to any spills so we can keep the environment safe.
  9. Scrape your trays off properly into the bins provided and place your cutlery in the trays provided. Be polite to the Y6 children helping you do this. That will be your duty one day!
  10. Thank our dinner ladies and lunchtime supervisors for their help. Everyone likes to see a smile, please show us what yours looks like.